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We cater to suit individual and group tastes. Advanced bookings are essential so that we are able to meet your needs. If there are special needs you need to let us know when the booking is made. We try to use the most natural ingredients in all our food preparation.
We take every precaution when catering for gluten free and persons who suffer from allergies. However, as all food preparation and cooking is done in the same kitchen using the same utensils, some food particles could be airborne, for this we do not hold ourselves responsible.

If you would like something you donít see here, please Contact Us. We would be happy to create something special for your event.
Selections and prices are subject to change.

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Mango Lassi   ---  $4.00 per glass

Passion Fruit Juice   ---   $2.50 per glass/$5.00 per jug

Mango Juice   ---   $2.50 per glass/$5.00 per jug

Sri Lankan special brewed coffee (range of flavours)   ---   $2.50 per cup

Sri Lankan Chai Tea with bees honey   ---   $ 2.00 per cup

Fresh Lime / Lemon Juice   ---   $ 2.50 per glass

Fresh Lemon, Ginger & Honey Tea   ---   $ 3.00 per glass

Warm Tamarind Juice with Maple Syrup   ---   $2.50 per glass

Iced Coffee   ---   $4.00 per glass

Sri Lankan Ginger Beer   ---   $2.50 per glass

Sherbet with Casa Casa   ---   $2.50 per glass

Kombucha tea (fermented tea) with the foll. flavours ginger, raspberry,orange & lemon, cinnamon & cloves   ---   $4.00 per glass

We conduct Cooking class plus lunch:$75.00 per person ( groups of 4 -12)

BYO - Beer, Wine and Spirits

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