Our Philosophy

Clay Pot Curry House aims to educate and take people back in time to experience and appreciate life in a simple and healthy way. 

We have tried to transfer the simplicity of a Sri Lankan village life which is fast disappearing due to technology and the change of aspirations in people’s lives. A village is a small community away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The villagers grow their own food crops, look after one another and never fail in their hospitality towards their neighbours and visitors passing through. 

The setting in Woolamai in Bass is truly idyllic for such a creation, it truly complements the rural and agricultural nature of a typical Sri Lankan village. 

Shirani, the owner, is passionated about growing fruits and vegetables naturally. She is a retired qualified teacher who has taught in Australia for over thirty years and is also a naturopath. She wants to teach the public how to heal the body through healthy eating. She also enjoys painting village scenes from her country. 

The vegetables are usually picked from her garden assisted by the people who want to experience the whole process. Most of the food is cooked in clay pots to enhance flavours and preserve the natural goodness. Guests who book cooking classes will be involved in the entire cooking process. The cooked food can then be eaten on the premise, or heated later, as needed.

Shirani Perera

Owner and Head Chef